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Antique Tractor Parts
Carter & Gruenewald Co Inc

Brooklyn and Juda, WI
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All parts listed are genuine OEM parts not "replacement, reproduction or aftermarket"

We are expanding our parts for changes!!!

Wheels & Axle Parts

Wheel Bearing Kits

Part # DescriptionPrice
360118R93 Fits: Cub & Cub Lo-Boy $ 188.50
360119R93 Fits:A,Super A,AV,C,Super C,100,130,200,240 $ 157.25
371417R92 Fits: 460, 504, 544, 606, 656 $ 67.00
371418R92 Fits:560, 660, 460, 544, 06 thru 88 series $ 77.00
361294R93 Fits: H, Super H, Super M, M w/ 8274DBX wheel $ 66.25
361295R92 Fits:300,350,400,450,660,M w/ 8284DBXA wheels $ 84.25

Kits include: All bearings, races, seal & gaskets needed for one wheel

Front Bolster OH Kits

Part #DescriptionPrice
368097R91 Upper Bolster OH Kit Fits: H Thru 350 $ 200
368098R91 Upper Bolster OH Kit Fits: M thru 450 $ 210

OH Kit includes:Top & Bottom Bolster Bushings, Bolster Pivot Shaft Thrust Bearing, Steering Worm Gear Cover Gasket, Bolster Felt Washer and Retainer, Bolster Pivot Shaft Oil Seal

Steering Parts

Part #DescriptionPrice
404601R1 Steering Wheel to Fit 154-185-184 Cub Lo-Boy Tractors $132.50
385156R1 Steering Wheel Fits Late Model 400 thru 666 $62.00
366557R2 18" Steering Wheel Fits Late Model 400 thru 660 $57.75

Rear Axle Seals & Parts

Part #DescriptionPrice
71697C1Axle Seal For A-AV-B-BN-Super A-Super AV$22.25
1342398C1Axle Cap Gasket For A-AV-B-BN-Super A-Super AV$6.50
15017D Axle Felt Washer For A-AV-B-BN-Super A-Super AV$13.75
610867C92Axle Seal For C-Super C-200-230-240$26.00
351117R1 Axle Cap Gasket For C-Super C-200-230-240$5.00
351118R1 Axle Felt Washer For C-Super C-200-230-240$11.00
377788R91Axle Seal For M-Super M-MTA-400-450-460-560$40.50
1981232C1Axle Cap Gasket For M-Super M-MTA-400-450-460-560$7.50
45085D Axle Felt Washer For M-Super M-MTA-400-450-460-560$10.50
377786R92Axle Seal For H-Super H-300-350-330-340$27.50
1342399C1Axle Cap Gasket For H-Super H-300-350-330-340$8.00
43720D Axle Felt Washer For H-Super H-300-350-330-340$10.25
536144R91Axle Seal For 100-130-140 $25.00
362778R2 Axle Cap Gasket For 100-130-140$6.50

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