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Antique Tractor Parts
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All parts listed are genuine OEM parts not "replacement, reproduction or aftermarket"

We are expanding our parts for changes!!!

Engine Parts

Engine Gasket Kits

Head Gasket Kits

Part# Gasket Kit Application Price
354474R96 Fits A,B,BN,C,Super A Tractors w/out Water Pump$79.00
357476R96 Fits Super C, 100-340 Tractors with Water Pump$105.00
354475R95 Fits H-SuperH-W4-Super-W4 $145.29
363495R93 Fits 300 Farmall $130.00
398177R96 Fits 350 Farmall $204.00
134401A1 Fits 340 Diesel Tractor $209.00
87427495 Fits MD-SuperMD-WD6-SWD6-400-450 Diesel$175.50
369959R92 Fits M Tractor $138.00
354476R95 Fits SuperM-W6-SW6-400-450 $130.50
261340R91 Fits WD9-SuperWD9 Diesels $202.00
352540R91 Fits Cub - CUB Lo-Boy $87.00

Crankcase Gasket Kits

Part # Gasket Kit Application Price
381732R92 Fits Cub-Cub Lo-Boy-154-185-184 $67.50
381734R92 Fits A-B-C-100 thru 340 $127.00
381729R93 Fits H-Super H-300-350-W4-Super W4$210.00
381730R92 Fits M-Super M-400-450-W6-Super W6$218.25
332653R92 Fits MD-SuperMD-WD6-SWD6-400-450 Diesels$209.00
332650R91 Fits 340 Diesel IH Tractor $64.50
332652R92 Fits 460-560-660 Diesel Tractors $98.00

IH Fire Crater Piston & Sleeve Sets

4 sets needed per engine

Part # DescriptionPrice
374293R93 3 3/16 Bore for A-AV, Super A, 100, 200 $ 294.00
374338R93 3 1/8 Bore for Super A-AV, C, 130, 230 $ 267.75
374312R93 3 7/16 Bore for H, HV, W4 $ 322.00

Piston/Sleeve sets are priced per cylinder

Engine Valves

Part # DescriptionPrice
42024D Intake Valve $ 19.50
42025DA Exhaust Valve $ 25.00
366302R2 Intake Valve $ 18.00
366303R4 Exhaust Valve $ 22.00
50706DA Intake Valve For 8043DDX & 364439R91 Cyl Heads $ 28.00
50707DA Exhaust Valve For 8043DDX & 364439R91 Cyl Heads $ 24.50
362534R1 Intake Valve For 362533R11 Cyl Head $ 21.00
362535R1 Exhaust Valve For 362533R11 Cyl Head $ 35.00
46207DA Starting Valve for MD, W6D, 400, 450 $ 18.50

Engine Ring Gears

Part # DescriptionTooth Count Price
45638DB Fits H,HV,Super H,300,330,350,340 104 T $ 79.00
266142R1 Fits M,MV,Super M,MTA,400,450,660 125 T $ 108.00
367042R1 Fits 350 Diesel, 460 134 T $ 69.50
55755DB Fits A,B,C,200-240 90 T $ 48.50
367507R1 Fits 560-660 160 T $34.50
341604R1 Fits D360,310,436,414,466 Engines 132 T $ 88.00

Fuel Strainer Assemblies

Part # Fuel Strainer Application Price
61782C91 Fits Cub-Cub Lo-Boy-154-185-184-A Thru Super C-100 thru 140-200 thru 240$46.75
370832R91Fits H Thru M-W4 Thru Super W6-300 thru 450-460 thru 660 Tractors$56.00
370831R91Distillate Powered Tractor Fuel Strainer $99.50

Carburetor Kits

Basic Carburetor Gasket Kits

Kits Include Basic Gasket Set
368357R91Fits: CUB-CUB Lo-Boy-Cub 154-Cub 185 with ZENITH Carbs$25.00
B51491 Fits: 100-200-A-AV-C-B-Super C w/ ZENITH Carbs$17.00
368357R91Fits: 130-140-230-240-330-340 w/ ZENITH Carbs$25.00
A43594 Fits: 140-240-404-424-444 w/ MARVEL SCHEBLER Carbs$20.50

Complete Carburetor Overhaul Kits

Kits Include Gaskets, Metering Jets, Shaft Seals, Main Needle/Seat ect.
354452R92Fits: H-HV $141.00
354453R93Fits: 600-650-M-MTA-Super H-SW4-W6-SW6TA-W9-300-350-400-450$241.00
354454R92Fits: Cub Farmall with IH Carburetor$125.00
355262R93Fits: 100-200-C-Super C-Super A w/ ZENITH Carb$172.00
387455R92Fits: 656-460-560-660$284.50

Engine Oil Filters & Spin-on Filter Conversion Kits

Oil Filters include Rubber Gasket/Sealing Ring

Part # DescriptionPrice
376373R91 CUB-CUB LOBOY, 154-184-185 $ 9.00
376374R91 A-B-C-H-SUPER A,C & H,300,350,330 $ 11.50
376375R91 Early A,B Early H, M-SUPER M, SMTA-400-450 $ 18.75
376376R91 MD, Super MD,WD-6,Super W-6, W-9, WD-9, 400-450 Diesels $ 8.50
323827R91 460-560-656-706-756G-504D-806-826-856-1026-1206-1256-1456 $ 10.50
538828R91 Spin on Gasoline Engine Oil Filter Conversion Kit Fits A-AV-Super A-B-BN-C-Super C-100-130-200-230-240-H-Super H-300-350(Filter Sold Seperate)$ 116.50
538836R1 Spin on Oil Filter to Fit 538828R91 Conversion Kit$ 14.00
538837R91 Spin on Gasoline Engine Oil Filter Conversion Kit Fits 460-560-606-656-666-706-756-766-806-826-856(Filter Sold Seperate)$ 100.00
398080R2 Spin on Engine Oil Filter to Fit 538837R91 Converison Kit $ 16.50
361407-KIT Spin on Engine Oil Filter Conversion Kit For IH built 361 & 407 Diesel Engines (Filters included)$159.00
A184775 Spin on Engine Oil Filter to Fit 361407-KIT Converison Kit(2 needed per Tractor) $14.00

Miscellaneus Engine Parts

Part # DescriptionPrice
43983DNon Pressure WATER Cap Fits:A thru M Farmall$19.50
67448DD-CAPRadiator Cap w/ Lever Fits: H-M-C-SuperC-Super H-Super M-MTA$26.50
40756DSmall Gasoline Starting Fuel Tank Cap$47.00
375785R91 Engine Oil Pump Fits: C123,C135,C146,C153 IH Engines $ 985.00
384290R21Exhaust Manifold for C 263, C 282, C 281, C 301 IH Gasoline Tractor Engines$421.00
6098DA Cover For 375785R91 Oil Pump $ 125.75

Exhaust Pipes, Raincaps, Clamps & Mufflers

Custom Exhaust Pipes are now availible, BLACK PAINTED OR CHROME PLATED...Please Call and Ask For Price Quote

Part # DescriptionPrice
CUSTOM Many other Painted, Chrome, and Stainless Steel Pipes Availible including custom orders..please call or e-mail us!!!
404914R1 Muffler for 154-185-184 Cub LoBoys $115.50
403551R1 Muffler for H-HV-M-MV-SuperH-Super M-300-350-400 thru 660 $66.50
360720R92 Muffler for A-AV-B-BN-C-SuperA-SuperC-100 thru 230-330-340$53.50
538148R2 Muffler for 1468 & 1568 V-8 Engine Tractors$335.50
538146R1 Chromed Manifold Shield for 1468-1568 V-8 Tractors (2 needed per tractor, priced each)$ 105.00
538152R1 Chromed Muffler Shield for 1468-1568 V-8 Tractors (2 needed per tractor, priced each)$139.00
NOS Style IH Mufflers
363116R91 NOS Style Horizontal Muffler for Cub Lo-Boy (not 154-185-184)$34
351436R92 NOS Style Vertical Muffler for Farmall Cub$34
350600R93 NOS Style Muffler for H-Super H-300-350$59
357288R92 NOS Style Muffler for M-MD-Super M-MTA-400-450$75
360720R91 NOS Style Muffler for A-B-C-Super A-Super C-100-130$49
370644R91 NOS Style Muffler for 660-560 Farmall $75
350600SS NOS Style STAINLESS STEEL Muffler for H-Super H-300-350$119
357288SS NOS Style STAINLESS STEEL Muffler for M-MD-Super M-MTA-400-450$125
360720SS NOS Style STAINLESS STEEL Muffler for A-B-C-Super A-Super C-100-130 $109
370644SS NOS Style STAINLESS STEEL Muffler for 660-560 Farmall Availible MARCH 2013$125
Zinc (Silver) Raincaps
ZRC112 1 1/2-inch Raincap$9.50
ZRC134 1 3/4-inch Raincap$9.50
ZRC200 2-inch Raincap$9.75
ZRC212 2 1/2-inch Raincap$9.75
ZRC234 2 3/4-inch Raincap$13.00
ZRC300 3-inch Raincap$12.00
ZRC312 3 1/2-inch Raincap$12.25
ZRC400 4-inch Raincap$14.75
ZRC412 4 1/2-inch Raincap$15.50
ZRC500 5-inch Raincap$18.00
Chromed Raincaps
CRC134 1 3/4-inch Chromed Raincap$18.25
CRC200 2-inch Chromed Raincap$20.75
CRC212 2 1/2-inch Chromed Raincap$21.50
CRC300 3-inch Chromed Raincap$22.00
CRC312 3 1/2-inch Chromed Raincap$27.00
CRC400 4-inch Chromed Raincap$32.00
1-Bolt Muffler Clamps
TE134 1 3/4-inch 1-Bolt Clamp$7.75
TE200 2-inch 1-Bolt Clamp$8.75
TE212 2 1/2-inch 1-Bolt Clamp$9.50
TE300 3-inch 1-Bolt Clamp$10.00
TE312 3 1/2-inch 1-Bolt Clamp$10.00
TE334 3 3/4-inch 1-Bolt Clamp$11.00
1-Bolt Chromed Muffler Clamps
TEC200OD 2-inch Chromed 1-Bolt Clamp$9.50
TEC212OD 2 1/2-inch Chromed 1-Bolt Clamp$9.50
TEC300 3-inch Chromed 1-Bolt Clamp$ 12.00
TEC312 3 1/2-inch Chromed 1-Bolt Clamp$ 12.00
TEC334 3 3/4-inch Chromed 1-Bolt Clamp$ 13.50
STAINLESS 1-Bolt Muffler Clamps coming soon!!

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